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I want to apologize for not keeping up to date on face book as this social media is fairly new to me and ask readers who may have a question to contact me on my email ( In the event you may not have heard, the Justice Dept. have ordered the Alberta Courts to terminate the policy of reducing photo radar/red light tickets leaving the only option of pleading GUILTY or NOT GUILTY. It has been my experience that this type of ticket is extremely difficult to win by challenging same by trial and in cases where the photo was taken by the overhead camera mounted at intersections, the Crown use affidavits only to establish the camera was working properly which ultimately gives you no chance to establish human error on part of the operator. The only method of establishing a reliable defense if through the purchase and installation of a 'DASHCAM'. For those who are interested, I strongly suggest the Garmin 45 which is available at any London Drugs Store for a price of $195.00. This device records your speed, the date, time and voice. Check the reviews online. You can increase the card to 32 bits. ... See MoreSee Less
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As you can see, I don't regularly add new information as I believe in action over words. In the recent two months, I have been involved in several court cases and although successful in most, I found it difficult to extract information from my clients that was pertinent to proving their innocence. I attribute this to nervousness but mostly not remembering key elements of the situation before the court. I cannot stress enough the importance of having a "DASH CAM" to record events that are missed by the naked eye. A simple speeding ticket or stop sign ticket where, after being issued the ticket, you think there was no way you were traveling that fast or you definitely did stop at the stop sign however it comes down to your word over the officer's. In these situations, on the day of the incident, you can take the card from the 'dash cam', plug same into your computer and watch exactly what occurred. If, in fact, the officer was correct, you will know for certain what has to be done to prevent the same situation from reoccurring OR you have evidence to the contrary which can be used in a trial situation. Remember, a picture is worth 10,000 words. The most important cases would be if you were involved in an accident. Insurance companies like to assess fault on a 50/50 basis thus giving way to increase your policy wherein video footage of the accident would exonerate you if you were not at fault. If you are interested, I recently purchased a GARMIN DASH CAM 55 at London Drugs. This item is highly rated along with the GARMIN 45 and GARMIN 65. Any questions, you can email me at "" ... See MoreSee Less
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Over the years, clients have contacted me regarding photo red light tickets which they find extremely expensive ($388.00). To prevent this, I offer the following advice. You might be surprised to know that traveling through a yellow light is also a charge under the Rules of the Road Regulations. the fine is $155.00 and will leave you with three (3) demerit points on your driving record should it be issued by a police officer. To eliminate the photo red light, treat the four (4) second amber light that precedes the red light as a red light. When approaching an intersection on a stale green light (not knowing how long it was green), begin to slow down so that you can stop when the light turns amber. Keep this in the back of your mind, you should avoid any photo red light ticket. ... See MoreSee Less
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Why people receive "Drive Without Insurance" tickets. During my time in court and handling these tickets, very few clients have advised me they knew they did not have insurance on their vehicle. The most common mistake is people believe they have fourteen (14) days to switch their insurance over. While this is true, there is one very important condition that this is permitted. When you purchase a vehicle from another person, you CAN'T take the plate off your vehicle and put it on the newly acquired vehicle unless you have sold your vehicle and have the bill of sale with you to show the police officer should you be stopped. The insurance company insures the original vehicle only unless you have disposed of it. In this situation, I recommend that you have a tow truck take your newly obtained vehicle to your residence. You can also contact your insurance agent and furnish him with the serial number and description of the vehicle you want to purchase prior to doing so and have the insurance card with you. Still, in this instance, you can't use the plate from the old vehicle unless you have disposed of this vehicle and have the bill of sale to prove that. Should you be looking for a different vehicle via private sale, ensure that you confirm that vehicle is properly registered and insured before you take it for a test drive. When you sell your vehicle on a private sale, it is very important that you retain a bill of sale and a copy of the buyer's driver's licence . Should the buyer pay for your vehicle however not register same and receives a photo radar ticket or is involved in an accident, you will be liable for the vehicle unless you can show proof that you have sold it. The foregoing will not apply if you purchase a vehicle from a dealer and trade your old vehicle in as this transaction will be shown on the bill of sale which you must keep and show a police officer if you have switched plates and have not registered same. You have fourteen (14) days from the date of purchase to have your insurance and registration assigned to the newly acquired vehicle. I hope the foregoing assists you. Any questions, please contact me through Beat That Traffic Ticket website. ... See MoreSee Less
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At one time or another, most motorists have been issued violation tickets for speeding. The main concern in with this violation is the demerit points attached to it. Some clients are not aware that a GDL licence allows a maximum of seven (7) demerits within a two year period or a full class 5 licence allows fourteen (14) demerits within a two year period. Should you exceed that amount, you will receive a registered letter from the Driver Fitness Branch advising you will have to surrender your licence for a period of one month and will give you the date (usually one month) to get your affairs in order. Should you wish to challenge a speeding ticket in court (trial), you will have to be present on the trial date and convince the Judge that you WERE NOT speeding. By saying that you didn't think you were does not cut it. The officer who issued the ticket will take the stand first and advise the court that he is trained on operating the equipment he was using that day, tested the machine prior to and after his shift to ensure it was working properly and he observed your speed to be higher than the posted limit. He will be able to identify you as the driver through the photo on your driver's licence. Basically he was performing the duty he was paid to do. You will have the opportunity to question him after the crown prosecutor is finished. Once the Crown has advised they have introduced their evidence, you will have the opportunity to take the stand and give your evidence. This is where it gets interesting. WHAT EVIDENCE WILL YOU PROVIDE to persuade the Judge that you were NOT SPEEDING. It is my experience from numerous trials that you do not have any evidence to provide the court. The ONLY evidence you would be able to provide the court would be footage recorded by a "DASH CAM". This unit would provide sufficient evidence if you WERE NOT SPEEDING and satisfy your mind if you were speeding and didn't think so. All you have to do is take the SIM card from your camera and replay it on your computer. You can view your speed which is recorded and see all the speed signs that you may have missed. If you were clocked in a construction zone, you would be able to see if the signs were properly erected or not. In the event of an accident, you would not have to convince the police you entered on a green light plus the fact the insurance company would not be in a position to take the other side due to the fact the police charged your rather than the other driver. If have any questions regarding the foregoing, please contact me. I would be only too happy to answer them for you. ... See MoreSee Less
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